Top 3 Wind Mitigation Improvements For Your Florida Home

Florida law requires homeowners insurance companies to offer substantial discounts to policyholders who have earned wind mitigation credit.

Wind mitigation refers to efforts to improve a structure to reduce or prevent damage from severe winds. Wind mitigation credits are similar to “points”, which add up to increase your savings on your monthly home-insurance premiums.

These are six top ways to earn wind mitigation credits.

  1. Credits for Roof Shape

Consider adding a hip roof to your home if you plan to build an addition. Hip roofs are more resistant to wind pressures that gable-ended roofing.

Although you cannot change the roof structure of an existing home, it is possible to modify the roof shape. Look for roofs with less slope and fewer gables when looking for a home. Hip roofs are the most likely to be damaged by a major storm.

  1. ​Points for Good Roofing Material

Earn wind mitigation credits by assessing your roof coverings, whether they are metal sheets, tiles or shingles. You can save money each month if your roofing is in great shape and has a high rating for wind resistance.

Wind mitigation is also possible when the roofing is properly attached to the roof deck. The nails must not be staples that hold the shingles down. They also need to be well-placed, properly spaced and sufficient in quantity. It’s all about the roofing contractor doing a great job.

  1. Attachment for Roof-Deck

A strong roof-to deck attachment is another thing the wind mitigation inspector will be looking for.

The plywood or OSB roof decking is held in place by long nails that are closely spaced. It is important that the boards are not rotting, moldy, have holes, or are flimsy. A thicker roof deck material is more resilient to high winds.

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