How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Home?

Forget about relaxing or chilling at your home if disease-spreading wasps have already invaded it. Even you won’t be able to enjoy your meal if there’s an infestation of wasps in your residence. Keeping your cool may not be possible most of the time because of these annoying insects. Committing even one small mistake can facilitate wasps to take over your home in no time completely.

So, it is prudent to hire a professional exterminator at Rove Pest Control company to get rid of wasps and other household pests. Pest control experts make the best use of their knowledge and skills to eliminate pests and insects effectively. Aside from investing in pest extermination services at least twice or thrice, you should do certain vital things correctly on your own to keep annoying wasps away from your house.

Here’s what you should do to deter wasps from making nests and causing an infestation in your premises.

Throw Away Food Scraps

You will end up inviting more wasps to your home if you do not throw away unwanted or waste food items right after cooking or having your lunch or dinner. Make sure there aren’t any food scraps in your kitchen or other rooms. You should always keep your grill thoroughly clean. Doing so will prevent existing wasps and flies from spreading germs.

Always Keep Trash Bins Sealed

Like most insects and pests, wasps relish feeding on rotten or old food items. Know that whatever you usually throw in trash bins placed in your kitchen or dining room, wasps live on those. It is thus very crucial to always keep trash cans properly sealed and recycle bins. When you keep them locked, trash, waste food, and liquid items won’t tempt wasps or other household insects.

Seal up Holes and Cracks 

To keep the risk of infestation of wasps at bay, do not delay sealing up cracks and hollows that you notice all over your house. Taking this particular step can help you prevent wasps from paying a visit to your residential property and making nests. Pest control experts can help you identify all those areas where wasps mostly build their nests.

Make and Spray Peppermint Oil Mixture

One of the best natural wasp repellants is peppermint oil. Make a solution using a few drops of peppermint oil, a little bit of dishwashing liquid, and water. Put the mixture in a bottle and spray everywhere you find wasps’ nests. Doing so will keep these insects away from your home.

Grow Plants that Repel Wasps

A wide variety of plants you can grow in your garden to repel wasps. Some of the well-known wasp-repellent plants are thyme, spearmint, citronella, eucalyptus, etc. Take good care of these plants if you really want them to prevent wasps from getting into your house.

Final Words

Do everything mentioned above in a proper way so that no more you have to deal with annoying wasps in your home. And remember to hire pest exterminators at regular intervals to keep your abode free of germ-spreading wasps and other pests.

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