Ways to Become Greener in the Kitchen

Being eco-friendly in the kitchen is something we can all join in with, as there are so many different things that can be done and many of them are really simple. From the food eaten to the items you choose to use in the kitchen, you can make much greener decisions and help to do your bit for the environment. The following post gives you a little insight into the things you can incorporate into your daily routine and other areas in life in order to achieve a greener, eco-friendlier kitchen.

Introduce Longevity

By investing in good quality, hard wearing products you can really help to keep things greener for longer. One of the many benefits to a good quality product, such as a door handle or cabinet pull, is that once installed you won’t find yourself having to replace them for a very long time, which is ideal when trying to be eco-friendly. When replacing your handles frequently, you’re essential creating waste that could be avoided, so it’s really beneficial to invest in quality products that bring longevity to your kitchen.

Furniture Knob (Brass) | £35 | Buster & Punch

Reuse Bags

Carrier bags are a huge issue when it comes to being eco-friendly. The issue with plastic carrier bags is that they’re really, really bad for the environment and due to weekly shops, our kitchen cupboards are full of them. So, what’s the solution to cutting back on these pesky plastics? Well, with so many great reusable bags now available, with many now being designed by well-known designers and artists, you can stock up on the durable bags and prevent as much plastic waste coming from your home. They’re affordable and make a huge difference, so it’s definitely worth investing in a few!

LOQI Artist Bag – Keith Haring | £9.95 | Fredaldous

Reduce Meat

Eating less meat is a step that many people take to becoming greener, as cutting down on your meat intake reduces your carbon footprint and benefits the environment. It may seem like a daunting challenge, but there are all kinds of tasty meat alternatives in the supermarkets today that give you a huge selection to choose from. You’ll also find that being veggie or vegan is easier than you think too, it just takes a little adjusting and getting used too.

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Shop Local

Having so many gorgeous local shops to choose from can make being eco-friendly really easy. Shopping local doesn’t just support your local businesses, but you’re also purchasing fresh produce that hasn’t been mass produced which in turn affects the environment. From the local butchers to the local café farm shop that stocks vegetables through to biscuits, you can find almost anything you need to prepare delicious home cooked meals on your doorstep.

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