Three Durable Flooring Options That Won’t Bust Your Budget

One of the most important aspects of a floor is its durability. Flooring is a big deal to replace, so you’ll want something that lasts you a long time. Be sure to choose an option that is resistant to all the wear and tear of everyday life.

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One of the most cost-effective materials out there is an epoxy concrete floor. This is a concrete floor that has an epoxy agent applied on top, which won’t peel like a typical sealant. Concrete is easy to pour into any shape you like, so it’s a good candidate for unique or customized spaces. It’s common to find concrete flooring in garages, workshops, mud rooms and crafting spaces. It comes in lots of colors and textures so you’re able to match any decorating scheme. Most importantly, it provides a moisture barrier and is tough enough to handle high-traffic areas.


Laminate is often referred to as being life-proof, because it can boast of being spill proof, scratch resistant and noise reducing. Be sure to choose a brand that can back up these claims, as some knock-off versions are only water resistant.  Clean-up is often as easy as simply wiping away the mess. It can look like wood, but also comes in lots of other varieties and patterns, like stone or tile. However, it’s usually a lot cheaper than hardwood. If you choose a higher thickness, it could even sound like hardwood. It’s also easy to install- you can apply it onto almost any kind of sub-floor. Don’t get put off by laminate’s old reputation, it’s making a comeback in a big way.


Bamboo is one of the latest flooring trends. It is more water resistant than traditional wood flooring. Certain kinds, like strand woven or un-carbonized, are more durable and easier to maintain than hardwood, even though it has a similar high class look and feel. It also comes at a similar cost.  You can also boast that bamboo is considered an eco-friendly material- it is easy to grow and doesn’t contribute to deforestation. If you use thick planks, you can refinish it every time it starts getting worn down to keep it looking new.

Function should be your priority, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. There are plenty of attractive flooring options that will keep your home’s value at top dollar. If you’re in the market for a floor, consider one of these fine options!

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