How to Pick A Good Wedding Venue

With so many things to keep in mind and plan before your big day, the most important may just be having to choose a wedding location. If you don’t have the right venue (or any venue at all), you don’t have a wedding. It’s just that simple.

So along with choosing the caterer, the dress, and the engagement rings, you need to pick a good wedding venue and we’re going to cover the most important factors to play a role in that decision as you consider event venues chapel hill

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First and foremost, where do you want to get married? Are you or your partner set on getting married in your hometown? Perhaps there’s a favorite vacation area you both visited together at some point. Maybe you have a special city or town where you’ve always wanted to travel. The bottom line is, you need to decide on a locale first.

Once you have this destination in mind, you can begin to consider other facets of the equation when you start to seek out the right venue for this very special occasion.


Now we come to the most obvious concern for planning a wedding, the financial component. You don’t want to start scouting locations and walking through big, beautiful venues that end up falling out of your price range because it’s only going to lead to continued heartbreak.

The best way to avoid these potential pitfalls is to know how much you can spend ahead of time. That way you know your financial limits before-hand and you can restrict your search to only those venues that fall within your budget.

Budgeting is also a good way to ensure that you don’t spend more than you have allocated towards this aspect of the wedding.


Headcount is a major component of finding the right venue as you want to ensure that you are choosing a location that will be able to accommodate your entire guest list. You certainly don’t want to rent a space that’s not going to allow all of your invitees the ability to physically get inside the venue. Nothing ruins a wedding faster than a fire marshal shutting everything down.

So, consider the size of your guest list before you start scoping out your venues. You need a space that will fit everyone comfortably. But you also want to consider what you plan to do during the wedding. Are you going to have a sit-down meal or walking hors d’oeuvres? Will there be a DJ and a dancefloor? Maybe you and your partner have other ideas for activities in mind.

Whatever the plan might be, just confirm that your venue will have enough space to allow you to do all that you want with the number of people you plan to invite. Working out the guest list as early as possible will only make it that much easier to pick the perfect wedding venue and your big day will be as memorable and magical as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

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