Firestop System As An Important Part Of Today’s Building Industry

The United States has the highest number of people killed in fire accidents each year. Every twenty-three seconds, a fire alarm sounds somewhere in the United States. Fire accidents can happen at any time, but it does not mean that we should not take measures to prevent these accidents.

Fire is a serious threat, whether it is in your home or office, and a proper fire protection system has become a necessity. A good Firestop system keeps the building and people inside the building safe from the spread of fire and smoke.

Firestop system to prevent fire accidents:

Any building manager understands the importance of a good Firestop system. For those who don’t know, fire-stopping is a process in which the joints and openings of fire resistance floor and walls are sealed. It is a fire protection system that has become an important part of the building industry today.

No matter you are constructing a new building or making changes to the existing, it is highly important to have a Firestop system in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. If you do not want to risk the building and the lives of people inside the building, then abide by the Firestop systems regulations.

Fire stopping products:

You do not want to put anyone’s life at risk, then make sure that you have a fire protection system in your building. Firestop elements are actually the physical barriers that are installed to prevent the spread of:

  • Toxic smoke
  • Fire flames
  • Lethal gases

Now let’s have a quick look at the fire stopping products:

  • Fire sleeves:

Fire sleeves seal the aperture/openings created by the cables and pipes passing through a fire-rated ceiling or wall. In case there is a fire, the sleeves expand to fill the available space between the substrate and the service.

  • Fire covers:

The fire covers are used to stop the fire in luminaires, as they expand internally to fill the gap. They provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Fire collars:

The fire collars maintain the fire resistance level by surrounding pipes and other penetrations.

  • Fire sealants and gap fillers:

When these are heated at a high temperature, they expand and prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Summing up:

The days had gone when buildings were construed without planning. Now the engineers and architects pay attention to even minor details for the safety of the building. It has become the need of the time to install a Firestop system in every commercial and residential building.

The correct installation of the fire protection system can save many lives. So, make sure that you consult qualified parties only, for every building, and the environment where the system is being installed is different.

Fire is indeed an imminent threat, and the sole purpose of the Firestop system is to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. This is a system that can be used in numerous combinations to achieve specific safety goals.

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