10 Most Popular Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

Is your kitchen in need of a new look? Get inspired by this year’s hottest kitchen trends.

Does your kitchen need a makeover? Whether it’s time to ditch your old appliances or you’ve got cabinets that have seen better days, refreshing your kitchen is a great way to get re-energized by improving your living space. Before you design your kitchen from start to finish, check out some of 2019’s hottest trends in kitchen design. You just might find the kitchen look of your dreams.

1. Gunmetal Grays

Pewter and gunmetal faucets and accents are extremely hot this year. Opt for a new pewter faucet over your old chrome or white one to add a fresh, modern edge to your kitchen.

2. Concealed Cabinets

Feeling like you could use more storage space in your kitchen? Try a kitchen island with cabinets inside it or cabinets that blend into a wall for storage that’s as sleek as it is handy.

3. Matte Blacks

Matte black cabinets make a slick, modern statement. To make this look pop, try adding some shiny black appliances, countertops, or tile.

4. Open Shelving

Show off your prized china or favorite ingredients with some open shelving space. In contrast to traditional cabinets, open shelving can make your kitchen feel bigger and more inviting.

5. Designer Hood Vents

You might not think of your oven hood vent as a part of your kitchen’s decor, but this trend will change all that. Sculptural, concealed hood vents are all the rage in 2019 and they’ll make your kitchen look brand new with their modern look and feel.

6. Bold Color Splashes

Wake up your kitchen by adding a pop of bright, vibrant color. Try adding jewel-toned curtains or bright new cushions to your chairs or stools. Hints of bold color in your decor will make your kitchen look very now.

7. Industrial Counters

While marble is classic, if you want something a little more modern, then an industrial concrete countertop is a fresh way to makeover your kitchen. As an added plus, your concrete countertop will be incredibly easy to clean.

8. White and Wood

Are you a fan of the minimalist aesthetic? Make your kitchen feel both minimal and cozy by pairing natural wood cabinet doors with slick, painted-white cabinets. Your kitchen will look like it belongs on Instagram.

9. Go Handmade

Visit any kitchen showroom and you’ll see that handmade goods are red hot at the moment. Use handmade tiles to redo your backsplash, looking for tiles that show subtle differences in color or even have some imperfections. Crafty, handmade details will make your kitchen feel warm and welcoming.

10. Mix It Up

Nothing looks more fresh and modern than combining a variety of textures in one color palette. Look for things that are shiny, smooth, soft, hard, or any other texture you can think of. Mixing textures make for an elegant and refined-looking room that still feels relaxed and fresh.

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