Plan Skiing Holidays This Winter To Hit The Slopes

Do you love skiing? Well, most of you might have dreamt of hitting the slopes in winters. It is quite an interesting experience to glide on snow using skis. It is a recreational activity, and many people plan holidays, especially to experience skiing. It is interesting to know that the International Skiing Federation and International Olympic Committee recognize it as a competitive sport.

If you want to experience skiing, then remember that it may not be easy for you. Choosing a destination may not be easy for you if you are going to glide on snow for the first time. Accommodation is also an important concern. If you want to enjoy the experience, then Ski appartment rental for 5 people in Three Valleys, France, is the right choice.

Skiing in three valleys- an enormous experience:

Have you ever thought of skiing in three valleys? It is the largest ski area in the world where people from all over the world come to enjoy their skiing experience.

It is a great place for most epic skiing experience. It covers 600km of perfectly linked pistes with off- pistes terrain. As a matter of fact, this place keeps the snowboarders and adventurous skiers busy. Don’t worry about the accommodation as three valleys encompass the world-class resorts.

Facilities and leisure opportunities in Three Valley:

Three valleys is a perfect holiday destination if you have any interest in skiing. No matter you are doing it for the first time or have done it before, you will enjoy hitting the slopes. If you are planning to visit three valleys this winter then add the following pistes into your bucket list:

  • La Tania
  • Les Menuires
  • Val Thorens
  • St Martin de Belleville
  • Courchevel
  • Méribel

Food is always an essential part of your holiday planning. There are several bistros and restaurants across the resorts so that you can eat your favorite dishes within your budget. No matter you like to eat steak or wood-fired pizzas, you will find everything in the mountains. So, if you want to treat yourself, then three valleys is the best place as you can enjoying skiing and delicious food as well.

You want to enjoy skiing, but it is possible only when you have a comfortable place to stay in. You are looking for a nice resort to stay in, then Val Thorens Ski resort is the best. It is the highest of three valleys resorts and offers snow-sure skiing throughout the season. VT is a bit challenging in low visibility due to the lack of forested pistes. Since it is a high altitude location, it would be chilly. Don’t forget to bring your warmest clothes. No matter you visit Val Thorens Ski resort in the early or late season, there will be enough snow to enjoy skiing.

Summing up:

New Generation ski & the snowboard school is based in three valleys to make your skiing experience even more enjoyable. Make certain that you have all the necessary information before heading to the three valleys for skiing. You are skiing for the first time and have no gear; then, it is better not to buy anything new. You can borrow it from your friends. Once you get familiar with skiing, you can purchase your own ski gear.

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