Is Laminate Flooring Right for Your Home?

If you’re wanting to update the floors in your home and give it an entirely new look, laminate flooring might be the way to do. Maybe you just want to change things up in one room or maybe you would like to redo your entire home. Either way, laminate installation services Cincinnati OH could offer some great benefits over other types of flooring installation. There are many different types of flooring that you can purchase, but here are some of the reasons why laminate flooring might be able to meet all of your needs.

Installation Is Easier

With easier installation compared to other types of flooring, the costs associated with labor are considerably lower. The boards are designed to interlock with each other and can sometimes be placed directly over existing floors depending on the condition and type of flooring. With installation being easier, this means that it will take a lot less time to install as well.

They’re Durable

Laminate is much more durable than many other types of flooring. It’s resistant to scratching and is made of strong material. If you have children or pets in your home, it’s a great option for the high traffic areas that are frequently damaged.

Less Expensive

While laminate flooring is strong and beautiful, it’s also less expensive than hardwood. There are many different types of laminate that can give you the look you want at the price you need. Just because it’s less expensive doesn’t mean that it’s of lower quality.

Variety Of Styles

Whatever finish you can think of, there’s a good chance that you can order laminate flooring that looks like the real thing. Some of the more popular finishes are tile, stone, and wood. Laminate flooring comes in different thicknesses, plank styles, colors, and treatments. Whatever your preferences are, you’ll be able to find laminate flooring with a look you’ll love.

Install On Subfloors

Hardwood flooring is sometimes not able to be installed on subfloors like concrete or where vinyl had been installed previously. Laminate flooring is able to be installed on almost every type of subfloor which makes it one of the only options in some situations. If you’re wanting the look of hardwood and it can’t be installed in an area, laminate might be a smart solution.

Easy Maintenance

Laminate flooring is stain bad moisture resistant which means that spills are easy to clean and don’t have to be a big deal like when they’re spilled on the carpet. Laminate flooring doesn’t require special cleaners like hardwood or carpets and can simply be swept and mopped to keep it looking clean and new. With its easy interlocking design, it’s also easier to repair than other types of flooring if a plank gets damaged.

It’s important to note that laminate flooring is not waterproof so it might not be the best choice for a bathroom. If too much moisture gets into the flooring it can cause it to warp. Make sure to dry it immediately after mopping and spills.


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