Six Mats Are Used To Enhance and Maintain Hotel Buildings

Quality hotels are places where guests will want to go to unwind and have fun. The environment and aesthetics of the hotel will have an impact on the guest’s experience. The environment can have a significant impact on the guest’s experience. This is where hotel mats are crucial. You can choose from five different types of mats to improve the hotel’s aesthetics and keep it clean.

Entrance mats

One chance is all it takes for businesses to make a good first impression. Entrance mats are essential to make a good first impression. These mats can be placed either inside or outside your hotel.

They are useful for keeping guests’ shoes clean by trapping moisture. To trap moisture from the outside, the mat must be absorbent. The hotel’s motif will be enhanced by choosing the right size and colour mat.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

You can place anti-fatigue mats sparingly around your hotel. These mats are useful for employees, laundry rooms, and behind elevators. You can choose from both wet or dry versions. They can be used to absorb additional moisture while the wet version provides a comfortable surface for employees to stand on. WaterHog Grand Classic mats is best example for anti-fatigue mats.

Runner Mats

Runner mats are essential for the upkeep of hotel buildings. They have both a functional and aesthetic purpose. These mats will be noticed by guests and they will be used more often than other hotel floors. Non-slip backing can be added to runners mats so that they don’t slip when stepped upon.

You can have the mats custom-designed to fit the dimensions of your hallways. You can place the mats on top of carpet or tile. They protect the flooring beneath from dirt, debris, or damage.

Shower and Pool Mats

You should always place mats around the pool and shower areas of your hotel to ensure safety. This will trap moisture and reduce liability. Drainable loop mats or tubular mats are two options for mats in the shower and pool areas. Both mats are comfortable and provide good traction. They are also easy to clean.

Fitness mats

Many hotels offer a place where guests can exercise. Exercise is an intense activity. The hotel’s flooring will be subject to moisture. You can use a variety of mats in your fitness area. Interlocking rubber mats and anti-fatigue mats are the best mats for these areas.

You can place the mats in various places around your area or under exercise equipment. The mat can have a beveled edge that is different from the mat. This will allow guests to distinguish between the beginning and end of the mat.

Mats for logos or images

These are extremely popular and are usually installed at the main entrance of a hotel. These mats are used to “brand” the property and welcome guests into the hotel. Although it might seem that logomats are only for show, they serve a very important purpose, keeping dirt, water, and other debris out of the hotel’s floors and protecting them.

Why your hotel needs mats

Many people don’t realize how important mats are for a hotel. Large open spaces can accommodate hundreds of people at once. Your employees and guests should feel safe while they are in your building. The hotel’s aesthetics can be maintained by placing a few mats strategically around the building to promote safety and security.

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