Three Red Flags to Look Out for When Choosing a Bathroom Refurbishment Contractor 

Researching online can be handy in finding a contractor for your bathroom- refurbishment project. But how can you identify the right one from a list of hundreds of local contractors in the market? Who is legitimately offering these services, and who is up to meet your requirements?

From underestimating your desired remodelling design to exceeding your budget, many things can go wrong if you haven’t taken care of some vital measures. The good news is that spotting some red flags during the hunt and some initial meetings with the contractors can help you make the right decision.

  1. Cash Payment Request

Paying in cash can be concerning in a contracting service for many reasons. It doesn’t help much with a paper trail and is hard to tax. Cash payment is also harder for holding a bathroom remodelling contractor accountable. Third-party sources like bank transfer, checks, or credits come handy as a witness and are to your benefit. While many reputable contractors accept cash payments, a contractor requesting to get paid in cash without any legitimate reason may be a red flag.

  1. Unrealistic Project Quote

You wouldn’t want to hire a contractor who deliberately low-ball you to get your bathroom makeover project. Ideally, do some calculation to identify what to expect and consider the cost of the required material and labour. Any bid coming with a lower price than your estimation may raise additional questions. Similarly, ask the contractor for any expenses higher than expected.

  1. No deal with a Contract

It is never wise to work with a service without having a written contract in hand. Some contractors may argue that making a contract will cost you in the long run. It can be the case in some situations, but moving contract-free is more likely to lead to over budget, unanticipated costs, and no accountability.


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