The Escape Game

The escape game has undoubtedly taken over America with its branches in seventeen locations, including Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, and New York City! For a fun day out at The Escape Game, all you have to do is choose an adventure, solve riddles, overcome challenges, and complete your mission before you escape in sixty minutes! So far, the brand has served over a mind-blowing number of two million guests!

The Escape Game, New York City

This brand location hosts five separate escape rooms, among which the best one was Prison Break! As we got locked in for a crime we didn’t do; we had to solve the mystery and escape the cell before we get murdered by the cruel prison cell warden! This one is a personal favorite because of its realistic prison cell environment and spooky ambiance, which will keep you on alert till the end!

It also has a low escape rate and high difficulty percentage. Do you think your wits and wisdom are enough to tackle this challenging room? Book your event now, and put your skill to the test!


Skip the fancy dinners and sports game and spice up your next team-building event with an escape room! The brand gave us a break from the monotonous office work-life and dramatically improved our communication game!


You can embed the experience in your memories as your game guide recalls the most iconic moments you had after a successful escape!

They are also multi-generational; whether you are eighty years old or belong to the gen-z clan, your experience will be an epic one!

Remote Adventures

Now, you can indulge in a live-adventure from the comforts of your home! The brand offers online escape rooms that you can play just by joining a Zoom meeting! They have great adventure genres like “Gold Rush,” where you have to race a greedy gold prospector to the treasure by solving clues and puzzles together!

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