The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Design

The bathroom is one of the most elegant rooms in your house. However, designing it can be a bit tricky. You need to know the things to do and not to do. It is the place where you can comfortably give your personal touch. However, it requires sizeable investment and many people who know about style wouldn’t go in unprepared. Whether you are remodeling or creating a new bathroom, you need to have the tools and the vision of the design you want. Below are the dos and don’ts when designing your bathroom.

  • Find Inspiration

Proper planning when designing your bathroom is very crucial. If you want to have satisfactory results. Make a plan first. It starts with looking at various bathroom projects from other houses. Look for websites that can offer design ideas. You don’t need to use the particular design, but it will give you a rough idea of how your bathroom will be. Feel free to explore all the options until you get one that you will love. However, don’t forget your budget.

  • Put your Shower in One End

Whether it’s a bathtub or a shower end, ensure it is on one side of the bathroom. They will bring convenience and more room for other items. You can put glass or a screen door. Whichever choice you make, you must not forget that your budget will be a big influence. Shower screens are ideal choices. They are elegant and easy to clean and maintain.

  • Pick the Best Surfaces

The surfaces you choose for your bathroom matter a lot. Therefore, make sure you consider the best tiles. When tiling your bathroom, you can pick either porcelain or ceramic. These are some of the best materials since they don’t react with moisture the materials are durable too. So, whether it’s your bathtub, the sink, or the walls, choose the right tiles for them.

  • Complement the Style of your Bedroom

Remember that interior design matters. So, as you choose the design for your bathroom, ensure it complements the rest of the bedroom. If the bathroom adjoins the master bedroom, it is ideal to ensure it connects with the furnishings in the bedroom. Even if the texture and colors don’t necessarily have to be alike, make sure they complement. This way, you will maintain the style of the entire set.

  • Don’t Ignore the Natural Light

This is one thing that you shouldn’t do. Ignoring the natural light will deny your suite the elegance it needs. If your bathroom is in a position to let in natural light, have as much as you can. You can use a skylight if the bathroom doesn’t allow in the light from outside.

  • Don’t Go for Cheap Items

Don’t be tempted to go for cheap products. Even though designing your bathroom is a costly venture, buying cheap items is not a good reason. You need to ensure the items you purchase are of very high quality to withstand the harsh conditions in the bathroom. Don’t compromise on quality. Set a good budget and go for quality products.

  • Don’t Forget the Amount of Space Available

Unless your space is big enough, avoid fitting everything in the small space. Get the important things like the tub or showerhead, the sink, mirror, and a small space for storage. Get items that will fit in the space. You can upgrade once you have enough space for more items.

The Bottom Line

Designing your bathroom is a project that you should do in a haste. Take ample time to find ideas and buy the items you need. Having a layout will ensure you get the best bathroom. Make sure you know what stays where. Get the best tiles and avoid cheap items.


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