Cleaning your homes during pandemic

After outbreak of coronavirus worldwide, self-protection measures are developing against COVID-19. We have all seen and instructed to wash hands for at least twenty minutes very vigorously, but cleaning and making your environment and surfaces free from infection has become essential too.

COVID-19 spread respiratory illness after transmission of airborne droplets through close contact of people. These droplets stay viable on surfaces for many hours or even days. These areas and surfaces need decontamination to remove droplets and their possibility to infect.

Removal of biohazards is a serious matter and should not take lightly. EPA has released a list of disinfectants strong and effective against coronavirus. These cleaning and disinfecting solutions are not mentioned by brand name but instead identified them as EPA registered numbers.

Health authorities have recommended that using soap and water to wash hands and surfaces is good, which does not kill but remove pathogens. Some says that washing with is more effective than usage of sanitizers as soap does a pretty good job in removing and washing germs down the lines. So people may rest assure that their cleaning efforts are not wasted away.

Cleaning contractors are crazily busy in providing their cleaning, sanitizing services mostly to commercial buildings, municipal offices, manufacturing plants, food production plants and many others. They are strictly following guidelines provided by (CDC) to keep communities and their staff safe from infection of COVID-19. They have trained staff to develop safety plans of making survey of project, for the decontamination with EPA approved chemical solutions.

By doing off-site survey, it becomes easy to select potential decontamination process to kill COVID-19. An off-site investigation enables the cleaning contractors to confirm the accuracy and effectiveness of safety plan. The team closes the areas more affected as coronavirus patients have been there to minimize the exposure to the respiratory droplets. The team use (PPE) personal protective gear for their protection and others outside the projects.

During the coronavirus sanitization of work places, they continuously monitor to identify any potential threats of new hazards and contaminations and new cases.

Cleaning contractors give tips to homeowners for proper cleaning and sanitization to kill germs effectively. Because of lockdown, people are confined to their houses but cleaning and sanitizing must be done on regular basis to remove germs and viruses. Due to coronavirus, personal hygiene and high-touch surfaces need deep cleaning to remain safe from COVID-19.

High-touch surfaces include door-knobs, door handles, light switches, fridge, freezer/microwave handles, tables, chairs, counter tops, toilets and fixtures need regular cleaning to stop the spread of virus. Personal items such as keys, mobile phones, laptops, iPods, remote controls other electronic devices and toys and other things are in constant use and best places for the growth of germs.

Kitchen and toilets are two places which are frequently used and chances of growth of pathogens are likely. These places remain moist due to the frequent use of water and ideal environment for germ growth.

Wash and clean your towels and bed sheets, contaminating after regular use.

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